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How to add a place to foursquare

by Alex Bortok on January 20th, 2012

These guys made it hidden for a reason. Less duplicates — better experience. Let’s discover how the process is actually well-designed. Will use iPhone to show. For Android it’s almost the same.

  1. Launch foursquare
  2. Touch Check In — at the center of the bottom bar
  3. You will see some places around
  4. To add a new one, enter desired name for it in the Search field
  5. Hit “Search” and here we go! Just scroll to the bottom where the button sits you were looking for — “Add this place”
  6. You can edit the name, select a category. Address was optional but it looks like now you have to enter it. Anyway you can move a pin on a map if the address resolves incorrectly.

Could you let me know why you are trying to add a place? Just drop a line in comments.

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